In the context of my appearances on many TV and radio stations and web portals in the region of the Balkan countries, and foremost as a result of the many years engagement in this area, I’d like to stress the importance of the working engagement of the students during their summer holidays.

The Student Summer Jobs in the world are practice which is regularly used as а benefit for the students.

There is almost no person in the world of the show business, actors, politicians and sportsmen which during their college years haven’t worked in order to provide additional budget and acquire certain work experience.

In this opportunity I’d like to emphasis on the positive practice of the older daughter of the former USA president Barack Obama (Sasha Obama) who’s working in a local restaurant on the Martha’s Vineyard island couple of years already.

The following photo is an evidence of her engagement, which according to her father is her personal decision, to be just like the other students in USA.

  • Is this practice in our countries in the Balkans?
  • Do the students really have desire to work, to earn?
  • What kind of job offers are our students looking for?

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